February 2018 - Gardeners World Live 2018

Inspiration In The Raw

We're happy to announce we've been invited back for the second year running to showcase our Garden 'Inspiration In The Raw' after winning Gold, Designers Favourite and Judges Favourite last year with our Garden 'its Not Just About The Beard' we're hoping for continued success this year. 

Gardeners World Live 2018 - 'Inspiration In The Raw'

Gardeners World Live 2018 - 'Inspiration In The Raw'

The Client Brief

The typical client for this garden would be affluent, well traveled cosmopolitan clients, with a flare for simple classy design. They would have young children which the garden caters too along with socialising, relaxing and entertaining. this type of garden could sit well behind most styles of house but I've in mind for this specific garden a detached Edwardian/Victorian era building, in a city area that's been recently renovated in previous years.

The Inspiration

We live in a visually stimulated era. Never before has screen-based media dominated so much of our lives. A recent study showed that the average Briton spends almost nine hours in front of a screen each day more time than he or she spends sleeping. In 

an age when images rule, our other senses especially touch and scent are sometimes neglected.  In the home life, this digital overload is inspiring a trend for 'raw' materials. Raw in this context describes materials that are irregular and rough, handworked and weathered, rather than highly finished. It is an aesthetic designed to engage the senses beyond the visual: textured stone demands to be touched, raw wood has a soft lingering scent and patinated cast iron has a warmth that comes from age. The trend began in the commercial arena about 7 years ago followed quickly by the retail market with stores being restyled with features of raw materials, with reclaimed wood shelving or industrial metal display counters. Many restaurants now eschew polished, formal interiors for a more lived-in feel. Domestic design also has become rougher around the edges, too.  Exposed brick walls, faux industrial styles and vintage designs have been around for a while now. What makes today's approach different is that it goes beyond aesthetics: it is instead a lifestyle choice, a rejection of the faux and a celebration of the real and the raw. It encompasses many aspects of lifestyle, from home interior to the design of your garden. 18 per cent of British define luxury as sustainability, Luxury and sophistication have moved on from glitz and glamor, it's more about authenticity and honesty. People increasingly want to know where things come from.


The inspiration for our garden is in the raw. Tactility and the expressive qualities of raw materials. The rough shapes and surfaces are the emotion of the material.  its about taking things out rather than add things on as the gardens developed. It's about including only what is integral and essential. We believe that having just the essential, natural materials creates a more peaceful area to live. Our garden is about how you exaggerate the physical experience of the space, Computer renders are incredible at visioning a space, but don't unearth the tactility or physical sense of place. This garden is very materially led. Stone, concrete, steel, reclaimed wood, old bricks, reclaimed glass with pigments all give a rich texture. It's the nostalgia of revisiting the past but bringing things into our time. Our spaces has a contemporary feel but traditional processes are present. Our garden is for people who are looking for a raw and more organic style, Its a trend among affluent, well-travelled, cosmopolitan clients. It's not about rustic it's more sophisticated than that but there's a craving for simplicity and a sense of the handmade. 

A BIG thank you to the following sponsor's, without their help this show garden would not be possible


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