CLient Questionaire

In order to design a successful garden/outdoor space, you, the client first need to step back from what you want to see, and think about what you and your family want from the project. In a successful design form follows function, so first we must take into account your needs from a practical point of view,. Only then do we look at the visual and aesthetics, then we can tie them all together and make an outdoor space that both looks great and works for you!

Think about how you use your garden and how you envision using it. Do you need a safe place for children to play, a dining area for 2 or 20, a spot to read, relax, or soak up the sun? How about a place to stow the lawnmower and the garbage bins? And have you thought about your constraints? Do you have excessive sun or lots of shade? How about a dog that digs (or lifts his leg)? These are just some of the thing that will be asked in our initial consultation.

Another thing to remember is, that like your home, your garden will need constant maintenance... leaves fall, weeds grow, , shrubs need shaping, and lawns need mowing, timber treating and stone cleaning so a maintenance schedule may also be needed for those who just don't have the time.

The next few questions will quickly help us better understand your needs, the size of the project and what we'll be able to do for you all in preparation for our initial consultation.

Please answer all questions that apply.

Would it be possible for you to take some photos of the site and either email them to or send to 07763025329 and tick the relevant box below. *
What elements would you like to incorporate?
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 a more detailed client brief/questionnaire will be carried as part of our initial consultation meeting